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Jan 11

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, January 11, 2009 7:36 AM 

Kensington--home of the Israeli embassy in London and Peter Pan

As the world focuses on the potential for urban warfare in Gaza City, the world ignores a far more perilous kind of urban warfare now underway from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale to Toronto to London to Barcelona to Milan to Berlin to Copenhagen to Oslo. Here, roiling mobs of Muslims in the West are taking jihad to a new stage of threat, violence and political blackmail. It is the hallmark of our decadence, however, that even as our governments and elites fret for Hamas in Gaza, the crown jewels of the West, our rich and storied cities, are under assault by the jihadist proponents of Hamas in our midst. Their agenda is clear: the destruction and subjugation of Judeo-Christian civilization. In the short term, that means cutting off Israel from the West, isolating Jews from their own countries, and sowing fear in the majority Christian populations. 

An ad hoc round-up from the front: 

From Toronto.

From Copenhagen.

From London. Melanie Phillips quotes a letter to her blog from a British Jew making his way to a friend's house this past week:

As usual, I wasn't holding any kind of political symbol, flag, banner or placard and was just wearing my yarmulka. As I was about to ring on the doorbell I was set upon by two Asian youths (one wearing a keffiya and one wearing a badge with the Palestinian flag on his jacket) who punched me in the head, threw me to the ground and continued to kick and punch me in the head and other parts of my body until I managed to shout loud enough causing them to flee. I bashed on the door of my friend’s house, sat on the kitchen floor with blood coming out of my head and badly bruised elsewhere. Thank G-d, my injuries were not serious and the paramedics were happy for me to go and stay at a friend's house until the morning so someone would be able to keep an eye on me. As for my friend who is living with his wife and 10-month old baby, the police have suggested that they go away for a couple of days since there are lots of 'unknown' people in the area who could make the place unsafe.

This last detail is at least as chilling as the description of the attack itself. London police are in effect telling a British family that "unknown" people have more control of London streets than police do.

In Barcelona.

In Milan.

In Duisberg, Germany, where police broke into an apartment to remove an Israeli flag hanging in a window, garnering cries of "allahu akbar" from the pro-jihad protest below.

And a British tab goes crazy over...the Prince of Wales. That'll fix 'em.

Not even close.



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