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Jan 11

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, January 11, 2009 10:34 AM 

Last time I read about Prince Harry it was because the media had blown the lid off his secret deployment to Afghanistan's war-torn Helmand Province. As a young officer who had pressed for active duty, "Harry Wales" was serving there without public knowledge to avoid drawing untenable risk to himself and his men by providing jihadists with a prize to send any "martyr" rocketing to "paradise" for his "72 virgins" (or raisins, whatever): the fair-haired head of an infidel prince of Britain. Of course, once the news blackout was cut short, so was Harry's hitch. Which was really low and rotten of all leakers and media concerned.

Now, Harry's back in the news, again the short-ended object of leakers and media malevolence, but this time also as Britain's Biggest Political Whipping Boy. Harry has been excoriated as a "racist" up and down the British establishment for an unguarded piece of home video shot during his military training three years ago. The purported evidence of "racism" has been extracted from his narration of the video. There is a segment in which he is filming cadets sleeping on the floor of an airport before being shipped off for maneuvres during which he comments on their kit, etc., and during which he also describes a Pakistani cadet in the group as "our little Paki friend, Ahmed." That's one count against him. Then,  later, preparing for night patrol, he notes that another soldier, dressed for darkness, looks like a "raghead." (To quote: "F--- me, you look like a raghead.") Count two.

Watch the video yourself. I did, and heard neither hatred, heat nor malice in these unguarded moments the then-cadet never imagined would be released on the Internet. (If I were Prince, I would direct Scotland Yard to find the identity of the leaker(s).) Frankly, given both "Paki"-stani compliciity in innumerable jihadist attacks at home (including Scotland) and abroad (including Afghanistan, where the prince and his comrades would be deployed), not to mention the "rag"-wearing habits of those engaged in these same acts of jihad on the West, you might say the prince's completely candid remarks evince a remarkably broadminded neutrality in their lack of animus.Here is one minority defence of the prince that appeared in the Telegraph (probably by mistake):

Rod Richards, who served as a Foreign Office minister in John Major's Conservative government and also as an officer in the Royal Marines, said that taken in a military context, Harry's comments were not racist or derogatory.

He said: "I am a Welshman and it was quite common for people like me to be called Taffy. Similar nicknames are also used for people from other parts of the world.

"The use of the word 'Paki' doesn't surprise me but in a military context, it is not derogatory. People are making an issue out of something that is not an issue."

Of course, it's not an issue. There's something else going on here. In fact, there are two disgusting things about the mass public humilation of Prince Harry in progress that elevate the story beyond garden variety PC tabloid sensation. 1) The context. 2) The purpose.

Remember: This story broke during a near-apocalyptic time of jihad in London and other Western cities as violent masses have mobilized to vocalize their bloodthirsty desire for the annilihation of world Jewry, with assault, looting and mayhem erupting as a part of this mobilization. I haven't seen full-throated excoriation of the jihadi perpetrators--and gee, many Pakistanis and other Muslims in full head scarves are among them--as "racists." Just the three-year-old cadet video of the soldier-prince.

As for the purpose of this attack on Harry, consider that this a time of active jihad to extend the rule of Islamic law throughout the West. Islamic law brooks NO criticism of Islam. Harry, in his home video, may be seen as ribbing aspects of Islam--the "Paki," the "raghead." --and of displaying an attitude insufficiently reverent of things that belong to Islam. And so, in this time of jihad and dhimmitude, he must be publically humiliated, censored and silenced. Indeed, the louder the rest of the British establishment engages in humiliating, censoring and silencing their symbolic scion, the more successfully they are themselves submitting to Islam. Which seems to be the British desire.               

Prince Harry, who has already issued a public apology, is expected to go before his commanding officer today to be officially reprimanded.


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