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Jan 12

Written by: Diana West
Monday, January 12, 2009 1:09 PM 

A favorite reader writes in with a pointed list of questions about the shameful spectacle of London police in full retreat from a jihadist mob. His observations come out of his own experience, as he puts it, as a "retired street cop who went to a few mob scenes, complete with rocks and bottles thrown at us," adding: "It's not a pleasant sensation." He writes:
Well, words are difficult to find.  I've watched the fleeing Metro Police and the flying missiles, sticks, traffic cones and whatever else was thrown at the police;  and I've listened to the mob chanting "Free, free Palestine" and calling the turn-tail police "cowards."

1)  Where were the exploding tear gas cannisters the police have in their arsenal?

2)  Where were the riot shotgun teargas grenade launchers?

3)  Where were the police attack K-9s and handlers?

4)  Where were the water cannons?

5)  Where were the riot shotguns that fire non-lethal, but very painful bean bags?
6)  Where were the riot shotguns that fire non-lethal but very painful rubber balls?
7)  Where was the plan to advance on and disperse this mob?
8)  How far did the police have to run to get away?
9)  Why has the police commissioner not resigned?
10)  Why has the police commissioner not been fired?
11)  Why has the mayor of London not resigned?
12)  Why is London not now under martial law?
This all looks very much like a complete capitulation, as in surrender, to the Muslim hordes and it is nothing less than sickening.

But England thinks Prince Harry is the problem.

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