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Jan 20

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 7:30 AM 

My good friend Paul Belien of the Brussels Journal writes in today with the appalling news that the US Embassy in Brussels called up the Vlaams Belang party this morning to rescind the invitation it had extended to VB members to attend the Obama Inauguration at the US Embassy this afternoon.

A small lens through which to view today's Cosmic Happening? Not on your life. This crude, offensive act to isolate politically a democratic party defined by its defense of the West against Islamization may well be the Obama administration's first (un)diplomatic act. This doesn't just bode ill for the defense of the West in general, not to mention its defenders; it sets in motion a new policy of actively disgracing our friends and actively appeasing our enemies.

As Paul explains:

Three weeks ago the Vlaams Belang members of the Foreign Affairs committee of the Belgian Senate were invited to attend the Inauguration at the US Embassy in Brussels this afternoon. The invitation was sent to all the members of the Foreign Affairs committee of the Belgian Senate. This morning the US embassy rang the party to say that the invitation to the VB members has been withdrawn. The VB politicians are not welcome (though the politicians from other parties are). The US Embassy says the invitations to the VB were a "mistake."

I thought Barack Obama was gonna meet with anyone, anywhere, anytime.... Apparently, that only goes for genocidal dictators.



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