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Jan 21

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, January 21, 2009 12:44 PM 

Sen. John Cornyn, bless him, refused to pass along Hillary Clinton's State Department nomination via unanimous consent, requiring senators to vote on the record and maybe even debate her innumerable conflicts of interest. Not John McCain.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Sen. John McCain unexpectedly lent a hand to Sen. Hillary Clinton on the Senate floor today, calling for her quick confirmation as secretary of State without a lengthy roll-call vote.

If I hear the word "maverick" one more time....

UPDATE: Clinton confirmed. Despite McCain's apple-polishing efforts, there was a vote (if you can call it that). The final senatorial tally was 94 to 2.

Who were the Loyal Two? Not Cornyn, weirdly enough (Wonder what Mrs. Soprano, I mean, Clinton  promised him yesterday while squeezing his arm?) There was David Vitter of Louisiana, who distinguished himself by voting nay for the second time (the first no vote was in committee); and Jim DeMint. Interestingly, DeMint hadvoted yes in committee--making a point of refusing even to question Mrs. C. about all those conflicts of interest with Bills' foreign fund-raising. Guess he had second thoughts.


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