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Jan 26

Written by: Diana West
Monday, January 26, 2009 1:25 PM 


LTC Allen West (USAR),  a member of the Board of Advisors to the International Free Press Society and a likely GOP Congressional candidate in 2010 (cross your fingers), tells the Western world not to roll over and play dead.

Allen writes:

I recently read of the travails of my fellow IFPS board member Geert Wilders. A day later my attention was drawn to President Barack Hussein Obama signing an executive order to shut down operations at the Guantanamo detention facility.

The irony struck me that here we have the new President seeking to extend US Constitutional protections to Islamic terrorists, the enemy. We plan to provide them legal rights under the equal protection clause. Yet in Holland, a fellow democracy, the government is ordering the criminal prosecution of an elected representative for exercising one of the Western world’s most precious freedoms, freedom of speech; and in this case, freedom of speech to discuss the jihadist ideology of the enemy.

What is happening in Western civilization? Have we become so enamored with this illness called multiculturalism that we are embarrassed to honor and defend our own cultural principles? Can nothing be more shocking than to charge a member of the Dutch Parliament with “hate speech” for speaking the truth?

This reminds me of the seminal scene from the movie A Few Good Men. “I want the truth,” one of the character says. And the response was: “You can’t handle the truth.” I am starting to believe that we–actually our elected officials–are not leaders, and cannot handle the truth. The truth is that an enemy does exist and that this enemy lives amongst us, and hates us. The truth is that our insidious policies of open immigration and multiculturalism are now ushering in our demise and promoting the deconstruction of our Western civilizational values, freedom of conscience, and the freedom to express our thoughts.

The truth as I see is that we no longer have men in Western governments who are willing to defend our way of life. I find this prosecution of Geert Wilders to be an example of abject cowardice. How can it be that Islam has become such an intimidating religion that men cower away? And I address “men” because I have found more often that women are taking a stand and condemning this modern-day totalitarian, imperialistic radical ideology mired in antiquated 7th century concepts.

Islam as a religion elevates and follows a man who was nothing more than a psychopath, murderous warlord, and by modern-day standards a sexual deviant and pedophile. Islam as a political entity is based upon complete submission and seeks only to subjugate and suppress every freedom we cherish in western civilization. Until Islam undergoes a reformative process bringing it into alignment with the rest of the world, then I shall reject it, and stand against it. The converse I find reprehensible; to convert, be subjugated, or die, which are the Koranic options given to me, a non-Muslim.

I will gladly peacefully coexist with Islam. Can the same be said in reverse? And do not tell me about the Koranic verse stating, “there is no compulsion in religion,” because I understand the theory of naskh or abrogation. That means that the later verses of the Koran supercede previous verses. As a result, most violent verses in the Koran abrogate previous “peaceful” writings.
Have I just committed hate speech? No, it is the truth according to the Koran and the Hadiths, and I have no fear in stating such. I will not allow Western civilization nor America to be paralyzed by soft or hard jihad, by legal tactics, nor kinetic attacks. I pledge to fight, not for myself, but for others, for our future and legacy which we leave our children and grandchildren. Any man that cannot find the courage to do so as well, especially leaders in western civilization, I call a coward.

Geert, stand resolute, my comrade. You will win this fight, and we shall defeat this third jihad and incursion to defeat our way of life.
All who read this post never forget a simple maxim which I live by: “When tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide”.
Count on Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West to stand and fight against this enemy, radical Islamic terrorism and their state sponsors anywhere, anytime.

Steadfast and Loyal,



Lieut. Col. Allen B. West (ret.) is a member of the IFPS board of advisors. He served 22 years in the US Army, spending 43 months in the Middle East combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan.



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