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Jan 29

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, January 29, 2009 3:58 AM 

Michelle Malkin notes (via ABC's Jake Tapper) that the White House celebrated the passage of its $1.1 Trillion Porkulus Package with a steak-and-martini dinner for 26 comprising the House and Senate leadership.  

Aside from the bill itself, nothing wrong with that--except, as Tapper reported in a detail worthy Tom Wolfe-ian elaboration, that the steak was "wagyu steak," a  cut (usually known as Kobe) that goes for a whopping $89/lb.

"Would you care for molten gold with your wagyu, President Obama?"

Not that I would want the White House to serve up franks 'n' beans or anything, but for a nation-bankrupting bill that is supposed to stave off economic deprivation if not collapse, wouldn't porterhouse or  Maine lobster, both under $20/lb, have been a better choice?


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