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Feb 11

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, February 11, 2009 6:59 PM 

Leave it to the Baron at the Gates of Vienna to come up with a way for us to follow Geert Wilders' attempt to travel to that Sharia'd Isle, I mean, that Sceptered Isle, Great Britain. According to the Baron, via VH:

The most popular blog in The Netherlands,, says they have managed to be on board this Thursday and will film the arrival (noon or early afternoon):

“[…] On board the KLM plane there will be a certain G. Wilders and his entourage. Yes, Geert is going for the confrontation with England and POWNED will be there. Costs a few bucks, but then you also get something. We want to witness live when those pale thick gay tea-drinkers shackle a Dutch parliamentarian. In England, no less, an EU country with a currency that is worth nothing, that recently buried freedom of expression and where they are on verge of establishing the Sharia.”

They might have pictures or even a film later the afternoon [EU time].

That means showtime starts around 6am or thereafter, EST.


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