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Feb 16

Written by: Diana West
Monday, February 16, 2009 6:18 AM 

Fanning out across the globe, Obama administration envoys are bearing hearts and flowers to assorted meglomanical, nuke-seeking strongmen.

In a story headlined "Clinton, Heading Abroad, Takes Softer Tone to North Korea," The New York Times today reports that SecState Hillary has promised "great openness" to the hermetically sealed Stalinist dictatorship of North Korea if it will just give up on its pesky nuclear program. For its part, North Korea, on this eve of Mrs. Clinton's maiden State trip to the Orient, "has engaged in bellicose talk toward the South, and there were reports on Sunday that the North was preparing to test a long-range missile."

Not to worry. Mrs. C won't let any "bellicose" talk chill official US warmth. The Times further notes:

Mrs. Clinton played down suspicions, long held by some in the Bush administration, that North Korea has a clandestine program to produce highly enriched uranium.

Just wait till the North Koreans see that heart-shaped box from Russell Stover in Mrs. Clinton's diplomatic pouch. That'll straighten them out.

Today's Times also carries a story about Richard Holbrooke, Obama's top envoy to Afghanistan. The headline reveals everything the but the lace doily: "US Envoy Reaches Out to Iran on Afghan Visit." 


Holbrooke's message, as the Times put it, is that "Iran should play a vital role helping stabilize the war-torn country. It was the latest statement by Obama officials signaling a clear shift away from the Bush administration’s policy of avoiding direct engagement with Tehran." The story goes on:

The Obama administration has been very critical of Iran’s suspected pursuit of a nuclear weapon and support for terrorist groups. But the comments here on Sunday by the envoy, Richard C. Holbrooke, appeared to suggest that the new administration might also seek to use discussions with Iran about Afghanistan as one way to establish a broader dialogue.

“It is absolutely clear that Iran plays an important role in Afghanistan,” Mr. Holbrooke said during an interview on Sunday with Tolo TV, a private Afghan television network. “They have a legitimate role to play in this region, as do all of Afghanistan’s neighbors.”

He also passed up an opportunity to criticize Tehran about allegations — some made by NATO officials — that it has provided help to Taliban guerrillas in Afghanistan.

(Besides NATO, the US has long had proof of Tehran arming the Taliban. Going back to 2007, here's a story called "US claims proof Iran arming Taliban."  British special forces operating in Afghanistan discovered more documented evidence last summer.)

“I heard those reports,” Mr. Holbrooke said. “I talked to the military command about them. I did not have enough time really to get into the details yet, but I will get into it on future trips.”


Too bad there's not a support group for Envoys Who Love Too Much. Of course, we the people are the ones who are going to get hurt.


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