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Mar 2

Written by: Diana West
Monday, March 02, 2009 12:28 PM 

Photos: 1,2 at the US Capitol; 3,4 with Sen. Kyl in the LBJ Room; outside the National Press Club; 5,6 speaking in the National Press Club; with fellow IFPS board member Allen West

Dutch MP Geert Wilders finished off a whirlwind week in the US with a couple of days in DC of media interviews, meetings, and events, including a showing of Fitna and a Q&A at the US Congress, where he was hosted by Sen. Jon Kyl (above with Wilders, lower left), another presentation of Fitna and Q&A  at the National Press Club sponsored by the Center for Security Policy and the International Free Press Society, and a final appearance and showing of Fitna at CPAC, hosted by Atlas Shrugs, Robert Spencer, Andrew Bostom and David Horowitz.

Wilders returned home to the Netherlands to find that his Party for Freedom (PVV) was #1 in the polls.

Too bad Dutch national elections are not scheduled until May 2011!



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