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Mar 16

Written by: Diana West
Monday, March 16, 2009 12:33 PM 

I hear that Capt. Roger Hill (photographed above serving as the OIC [Officer in Charge] of the honor guard at President Reagan's funeral), who is one of our brave military men that first the Bush administration and now the Obama administration has allowed to be raked over the coals by PC military law for doing his duty under unconscionably difficult circumstances (shades of Allen West, Illario Pantano, Evan Vela, the Haditha marines, etc., etc.) will be telling his story tonight on the Fox's O'Reilly Factor.

If you are interested in helping Capt. Hill with his costly legal fight, my good friend Gen. Paul Vallely has provided, through the Scott Vallely Soldiers Memorial Fund, a means by which you can contribute to Capt Hill and the men of Dog Company here.

Meanwhile, In an email to friends and supporters, Capt. Hill writes today:

We have a powerful and righteous message.
"The time is ripe for a public debate on the double standards that tie our hands in combat while making it easier for the enemy to cut them off."
Our rules of engagement and the foreign policy that governs those rules must change. We must support our men and women especially when they are placed in impossible situations, such as the ones this war provides daily.  We cannot continue to cater to public opinion and the failed strategy of relations building as a guiding principle on how we fight this war.  Catering to perceptions and opinions only hurts our chances of winning this war, partly because it hurts the very ones who do the fighting.
Principles are our guiding light.  In combat, America's sons and daughters come first whenever possible.  This is a call to arms to end the double standards that punish even the appearance of transgression of the rules of engagment while those same standards are simply ignored by our enemies.  Let us band together in alerting our policy makers to the failures of our rules of engagement which are based on a rigid and antiquated standard drafted several decades ago.  We are asking a lot of our men and women.  They deserve better.
God bless.
Onward shall we!
Roger Hill
Captain, Infantry




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