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Dec 23

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, December 23, 2007 9:48 PM 

There is something sick and lunatic about our lawmakers' and media's obsession with the destructon of CIA tapes of  waterboarding  a couple of senior jihadist leaders--tapes the CIA was under no obligation to make in the first place.

But there is a greater problem here.

What does it say about our desire to survive as a nation when our leaders are more concerned with protecting our mortal enemies from temporary duress (35 seconds of waterboarding is considered a long session) than with saving American lives?

They say they are concerned with America's continued moral well-being. There is no degradation of our precious moral high ground (if that's what they want to talk about) in coercing actionable intelligence from jihad leaders. Such coercion, including waterboarding, is not undertaken to procure phoney testimonies in a show trial, to punish political opposition, or for sadistic delight. It is undertaken to save American lives.

Andy McCarthy wrote a terrific piece on this subject here:

For a chilling look at how  dispassionate--"non-committal" was the word the article used--some lawmakers really are about protecting the nation when it comes to a choice between waterboarding a terrorist and risking  American lives, take a look at  this  piece entitled: "Some Senators Wary of Waterboarding, Even to Save Lives." 

That should make us shiver a little as we huddle around the hearth fire....

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