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Apr 9

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, April 09, 2009 8:24 AM 

A week or so ago, a federal judge backed off a threat to impose financial penalties on John D. Hemenway, for having enjoined the Berg lawsuit to force President Obama to release his birth records to prove his eligibility. As his daughter-in-law Margaret Calhoun Hemenway wrote here, "Instead of financial penalties, the judge issued a reprimand tinged with flippancy." Now, as we see from the letter above, it seems that Obama's lawyer, Robert (not Jack) Bauer, plans to pursue such sanctions if Hemenway won't yield his client's right to his day in appeals court.

As I read this, Obama's lawyer has already abused his privilege as an attorney because this premature threat to seek sanctions may be interpreted as a tactic to prevent Hemenway from performing his duty to his client.

I've heard of power ties; but this letter makes me think of Brown Shirts.


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