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Apr 15

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, April 15, 2009 5:42 AM 

When a free press society is cyber-attcked online over its free-press fundraiser selling prints of a free-press cartoon, you know the free press is in trouble.

Welcome to our world because that, of course, is precisely what happened last week to the International Free Press Society (a group I am associated with) one day after assorted world media, from The Scotsman to Gulf News, reported the IFPS was raising funds for its free speech activities by selling a limited run of prints of the most famous of the Danish Motoons numbered and signed by artist Kurt Westergaard. 

Erick Stackelbeck of Christian Broadcast Network reports here on the "cowardly cyber-attack initiated from an unknown source" that temporarily brought down the International Free Press Society website. The Copenhagen Post report is here,  Although the cyber attack was massive and continues, sales of the print never stopped, and now exceed, I am told, 400 orders from around the world. Here is the alternate website the IFPS has set up for the time being.



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