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May 1

Written by: Diana West
Friday, May 01, 2009 12:03 PM 

Photo: Look who's moving into the neighborhood.

So, Defense Secretary Gates now confirms for the first time that, yes, the Obama administration intends to release "some" Uighurs into the US--said Uighurs being the 17 Chinese Muslims at GItmo whom Andy McCarthy describes as being "steeped in jihadist ideology, trained in explosives and assassination tactics, and anxious enough to get that way that they high-tailed it from China to Afghanistan to become more lethal terrorists."


Gates's argument to a Senate appropriations subcommittee went like this: "It's difficult for the State Department to make the argument to other countries they should take these people that we have deemed in this case not to be dangerous if we won't take any of them ourselves," he said.

In other words, Joe Q. Public has to get a known jihadist for a next-door neighbor--now, after all these years in Gitmo, more steamed at the Great Satan than ever--so some State Department diplomat doesn't uncrease his striped pants arguing that other countries should take other Uighurs.

But not to worry. As Andy notes, the LA Times reported last month: "Within the prison, Uighurs are not considered a grave threat and are allowed greater freedom, such as television privileges, than other detainees."

Gee, they sound almost sweet...?

The report continues:

But the TV privileges underscored potential difficulties to come, according to one current and one former U.S. official. Not long after being granted access to TV, some of the Uighurs were watching a soccer game. When a woman with bare arms was shown on the screen, one of the group grabbed the television and threw it to the ground, according to the officials.

Since then, officials at Guantanamo have bolted down the TVs and shown pre-taped programs, editing out any images they thought Uighurs might find offensive.

You know, G, PG-13, Uighur-17....

Got an idea to makes Gates' argument easier, too. How's about if before he sets them free he has them over for movie nite?


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