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May 15

Written by: Diana West
Friday, May 15, 2009 7:47 AM 

I just read Mark Steyn's Commentary piece, "Israel Today, the West Tomorrow," which surveys the ghoulishly vicious and rising anti-Semitism in Europe that is correlated to the continent's burgeoning Islamic populations. This poison serves to corrode further Europe's support for Israel.

Missing, however, is an explanation for Islamic anti-Semitism that goes deeper than what is commonly misperceived as a mere territorial dispute. In other words, even in the flagship publication of the American Jewish Committee, there is no indication that Islamic anti-Semitism is in fact sacralized within Islam by a copious body of foundational documents that essentially commands Muslims to hate and kill Jews -- and drive the former dhimmis-restored-to-glory from their Islamic midst. Andrew Bostom published many of these documents, along with authoritative scholarly commentary, in his The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism in June 2008. It may still be politically incorrect to take note of this sick religious sanction of anti-Semitism within Islam, but it must be understood -- explained, debated, analyzed --  as an integral part of Islam, and the so far unchecked Islamization of the West.




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