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Jan 3

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, January 03, 2008 6:19 AM 

Caucus Day Yawns. I mean, Dawns. And despite the wall-to-wall coverage (which I admit to having had the fun of contributing to in my CNN gig on "Lou Dobbs"), today's contest in Iowa is, in fact, anything but a yawn. It is the tensest political horserace in memory.

This blog's hoped for outcomes and predictions:

First and foremost, a Hillary defeat. The Democratic coronation we were all  led to  believe  in certainly appears to have been, shall we say, pre-empted with Hillary now polling a possible third-place finish. Good. Anything to thwart the return of the Clinton Crime Family (Mark Levin's felicitous phrase) to the White House. An Obama victory would likely solidify his apparent lead in NH, whose primary takes place on January 8. This could knock Hillary our for the count. I'm trusting the GOP nominee--any one of them--can deal with the inexperienced and, quite frankly, extremely naive Obama later.  (I'm sorry. I just can't take John Edwards and his $400 haircuts, and his courtroom summations channeling a fetus in the womb  seriously, no matter where he finishes in Iowa.)

Next: A Romney victory. Huckabee has not performed well under the front-running spotlight. Good. I don't like his positions on immigration,** and his foreign policy outbursts, I mean, perspectives, fail to build my confidence in his self-touted judgment.  At this point, I'm  leaning toward Romney--the candidate who worries about "global jihad," and whose position on immigration is closest to my own.

**For a terrific cheat sheet on all the candidates' positions on immigration, check out this Washignton Times editorial:

***Coming soon to this blog: Hotlinks!

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