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Jun 1

Written by: Diana West
Monday, June 01, 2009 9:05 AM 

If Nero got a bad rap just for fiddling while Rome burned, what will happen to the Obamas for jetting off to "date night" in the Big Apple amidst economic gloom, just as once-mighty GM was preparing to file for bankruptcy and lay off some 21,000 workers?

Nothing. The media, the political elites see nothing even the slightest bit amiss, let alone unseemly, about the Obamas taking three planes, some helicopters and a motorcade -- courtesy the US taxpayer -- to get them to dinner and a show in NYC because the prez "promised" this to Michelle during the campaign for "when it was all over."

Well, just because the man was elected doesn't mean "it's all over." Indeed, the hard presidential work has hardly begun. Meanwhile, flitting off to a night on the town in NYC is a thing of Boom, not Bust times, no? It was left to the RNC to wonder what was wrong with the presidential box at the Kennedy Center if the Prez and First Lady wanted a night out -- not (never) the media.






Well, it isn't all over. There are

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