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Jun 26

Written by: Diana West
Friday, June 26, 2009 9:50 AM 

Over at Pajamas Media, Ed Driscoll kindly cites The Death of the Grown-Up in his news-round-up-cum-obit for Michael Jackson, who, in case you inhabit Pluto, died yesterday. Driscoll takes the long view here to illustrate changing establishment ("overculture") attitudes, then and now, on passing pop stars. Once upon a time 40 years ago, Jimmy Hendrix died at 28 of a drug overdose and the event was covered as a curious news item; now, Michael Jackson suffers a fatal heart attack at 50 and garners wall-to-wall media genuflection. Driscoll writes:

Flashback: For a look at how the culture has transformed in the last forty years, which ties in with Diana West’s Death of the Grown-Up meme, here’s a flashback to how distant the middle-aged journalists at ABC News seemed, as no doubt the rest of the overculture, when it covered Jimi Hendrix’s death in 1970. It makes for quite a contrast with the breathless coverage playing out on the TV news right about now.

Don't miss the "flashback" Driscoll has unearthed.  You just might find the cool (as in unemotional) diffidence toward the counter-culture refreshing--an enduring manifestation of  "overculture" attitudes that Driscoll says have been hidden in the memory hole by the Boomers in their (successful) efforts to write their own mythology of the period.

Wrongfully omitted from our memory or not, they're gone now. 



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