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Aug 18

Written by: Diana West
Tuesday, August 18, 2009 4:43 AM 


"Swimmers told to wear burqinis" reports the London Telegraph today. And no, those early 20th century suits (above) give a woman far too much freedom of movement and essential Vitamin D to be permissible in  21st-century Islamo-British swimming pools. The Telegraph explains:


Under the rules, swimmers – including non-Muslims – are barred from entering the pool in normal swimming attire.
Instead they are told that they must comply with the "modest" code of dress required by Islamic custom, with women covered from the neck to the ankles and men, who swim separately, covered from the navel to the knees.
When does the madness stop? Or, more to the logical and essential point, when does the immigration policy that imports the sharia that triggers the madness stop?

Swimsuit past.

Swimsuits present.

Swimsuit future?








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