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Sep 1

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, September 01, 2011 7:58 AM 

France: "I'm shocked, shocked, that blood is being exchanged for oii in Libya."


Via ANSAmed (with thanks to Baron Bodissey):

PARIS, SEPTEMBER 1 - France reportedly finalised an agreement with the National Transitional Council (NTC) at the beginning of the conflict in Libya on the basis of which the rebels would sign over 35% of Libyan oil to Paris, according to this morning's issue of the French daily Liberation, which noted that Foreign Minister Alain Juppe' ''was not aware'' of the agreement.


The newspaper has obtained a letter dated April 3 of the NTC and addressed to the Qatari emir, in which the rebels' organisation claims to have signed ''an agreement attributing 35% of all oil to the French in exchange for complete and permanent support for our council''. Questioned by the radio station RTL this morning, Juppe' said that he ''was not aware of any letter of the sort'', though did say it was ''logical'' that the countries which supported the rebels would be privileged in the reconstruction. ''The NTC,'' said the minister, ''has said in an absolutely official manner that the reconstruction would be directed in a preferential manner to those that supported it, and this seems logical and fair to me.'

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