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Oct 26

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, October 26, 2011 4:49 AM 

Yesterday's post netted some valuable and vivid addenda.

1) From Andrew Bostom came the canonical hadith that suports Shafiq Mubarak's teachings to US Marines not to -- how to put it? -- excrete in the direction of Mecca. This, Andy explains, is more formally known as "facing the Qiblah," which means turning toward the Kabaa structure in Mecca.

From "The Book of Purification", Sunan An-Nasai (one of the 6 canonical hadith collections), vol. 1, chapter 19, p. 35, "The Prohibition of Facing the Qiblah When Relieving Oneself"
It was narrated from Rafi bin Ishaq that when he heard Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari say when he was in Egypt, "By Allah, I do not know what I should do with these toilets. The Messenger of Allah said: "When any one of you goes to defecate or urinate, let him not face toward the Qiblah, nor turn his back towards it."

And thus, Islamic Twister was born...?

2) Then there was the following,  which I will post anonymously at least until the man who wrote it has "outlived his usefulness" in these same geographical locations he writes about with such verve and... pungency.

From the mailbag:

A serious anthropological study of shariah hygiene, particularly the concept of what constitutes "unclean," would go a long way toward helping the world understand the Islamist mindset.

I have been to some of the worst places in the world, and Afghanistan is the only place where men ROUTINELY urinate and defecate in the downtown streets of the national capital - the only country I've ever visited where the filth is so vile that human feces literally hangs in the air in aerosol form.

Aerosolized human sewage. Not just in the countryside, but in the capital city of a country where hard-core Islamism is in vogue. Perhaps because I am an ignorant Christian Westerner, I didn't observe the compass points toward which the filth was directed. Ever look at a lot of those "clean" women in burqas and those "clean" men in dishdashas? Ever smell them? It's one thing to be poor and not have access to soap and water. Its another to walk around with stains of feces and bodily fluids caked on your garments, and none of the other locals seem to care or even notice.

I wonder if this Shafiq Mubarak fellow ever tried to tell the Pashtuns that they could avoid the rural epidemics of rectal gonorrhea (that the US military discovered and tried to cure) if they would simply stop their serial buggering of little boys. Ever talk to a Pashtun mountain man about his pals' special fondness for little boys and, so often, for one another? They insist with absolute sincerity that they are not gay, because gays must be killed because they are "unclean." They admit with equal sincerity that they share boys for common sodomy rights so as not to make their women "unclean."

And don't even get started about those poor innocent goats.

The article calls Shafiq Mubarak the "right hand" of Col. Furness. The reference is shariah-compliant. Why? Because under shariah, the left hand is "unclean." Shariah culture considers the left hand "unclean" because one handles one's nether regions with the left hand - and, no doubt, because the culture does not promote the habit of washing one's hands as it points at us infidels as "unclean."

Which is one reason why Westerners in Afghanistan are probably the greatest per capita users on earth of Purell.

Let's refer to Shariq Mubarak as the "left hand" of Marine colonels and watch the fun.

This weird shariah concept of "unclean" seems rather standard wherever you go. How much money have the Saudis and others invested in, say, public drinking water and sewer systems in poor Muslim-majority countries? Anything to the level of what the US has invested in places like Egypt, where we essentially built Cairo's sanitation system? Probably not.

Next time you have the pleasure of being in Lagos, Nigeria, stop by the central mosque - and take a whiff of the space between the devout hat-and-robe vendors and the actual wall of the mosque itself, which the shariah-complaint use as a public urinal.

Ever been to the men's room at Dubai airport, which is probably the most luxurious airport in the world? The men's rooms feature both Western-style flush toilets and shariah-style toilets - you know, the type where the user squats over a fetid, open, funnel-shaped pit to go #2. Just for yuks, I watched two men, both clad in dishdashas, leave the open pit stalls after doing their business, and then avoid the splendid array of well-appointed sinks with running water and dispensers of antibacterial soap and head straight for the outside world.

These are just anecdotes, but illustrations of how a scientific anthropological study of shariah "cleanliness" would help a lot of average people understand the ideology - and help our friends at South Park and elsewhere to develop shows that educate while they entertain.

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