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Mar 19

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, March 19, 2008 6:27 AM 

Mine had to leave her lifelong home of Brooklyn, New York, in the mid- 1970s because of heretofore unseen urban crime in her neighborhood--crime disproportionately committed by black men. Does this condemn her as a racist in Sen. Obama's eyes?

In comparing his own grandmother's "confessed" fear of black men, to Rev. Wright's vicious racism, Sen. Obama hit a new low. Such feelings on the part of elderly women, often widows in fragile health who live alone on a fixed income in a foggy state of beleaguered bewilderment at their great age and diminished capacity, is in no way a sign of racism but of fear. Fear that a walk  to the corner market or mail box will end in a mugging, or worse. Obama should be ashamed of himself for making this disgraceful moral equivalence. But he isn't. And that is more cause to question the judgment of this man who sees nothing wrong with having been mentored by an anti-American racist for two decades.

Steve Sailer does us the favor of comparing the granny section of the Obama speech with the granny section of one of the Obama  books here. It reveals a side of Obama not seen in his cool and articulate speechifying: the presidential candidate as drama queen.


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