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Jul 13

Written by: Diana West
Saturday, July 13, 2013 12:21 PM 

The Luxe Hotel Sunset event in West LA co-sponsored by Doris Wise Montrose's Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors (CJHSLA) and the Freedom Center, July 10, 2013


Last week, I headed out West to debut the new book in my home town of Los Angeles, CA. After all, Into every lotus-land, some American Betrayal.

But first, lunch (view) in Malibu at ( Mel-Gibson-infamous) Moonshadows.

I would spend Tuesday evening with the Pasadena Patriots at the beautiful, old Romanesque Room on Green Street. I received a memorably warm welcome from the P.P.'s, who asked excellent questions after the talk. I also finally got to meet in person Marcy Guzman, a dear penpal of mine from way back now active in this inspiring Tea Party group.

With Pasadena Patriots Jim Mullally, Marcy Guzman, Guillermo Guzman and stellar event-organizer Penny Alfonso

After the talk, the book-signing. After the book-signing, an interview with Democast TV, which is posted here.

On Wednesday, after shooting the "The Glenn Beck Show" with Erick Stakelbeck (they found me a studio in Malibu, which was quite a change of pace from Capitol Hill!), I arrived at the swanky Luxe Hotel Sunset.

Some local color: We arrived early enough to pop into the hotel bar where a tall. mustachioed man was siiting by himself on a barstool. No wonder the guitar-bass duo was playing "Bessame Mucho" and other Latin tunes: it was Vincente Fox, former president of Mexico. Why was he there? Where was he going when he left with his Campari and soda? The moment passed and it was back to "Honeysuckle Rose."

We made our way to the room, which soon filled with a thrillingly large cross-section of a crowd. Members of a San Diego book club, which is reading AB next month. Jarrow the "vitamin king." A woman who cited The Death of the Grown-Up in her Ph.D. thesis on education. Writer J.E. Dyer. AmPowerBlog's Donald Douglas, who live-tweeted. A man whose mother had escaped Communist-seized Latvia. All very interesting people, who, after the talk, also asked pointed and informed questions.

Thanks to the careful planning and perfect execution by Doris Wise Montrose it was a gala night ... for American Betrayal.

Doris and me

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