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Jul 14

Written by: Diana West
Sunday, July 14, 2013 3:46 AM 

On Monday, July 8, before catching a 5:45 am shuttle bus to Dulles to take American Betrayal to LA, I managed to scan a new, perfectly wonderful review by Mark Tapson posted at The timing was perfect. Along with the group Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors, Freedom Center was co-sponsoring one of my LA book events, which the piece duly noted, including a link to register for the Wednesday event.

Both Frontpage and the Freedom Center are David Horowitz enterprises.

Here is the review at Frontpage. Or, rather, here was the review at Frontpage.

What happened?

Later, when I couldn't pull up the Frontpage review to send a link to someone, I thought it odd but didn't worry much about it as I was very busy. Fortunately, Ruth King had already posted the review at Ruthfully Yours so I sent out the link to her site.

When I finally got around to asking about the disappeared review, I heard back that there was a "glitch." OK. But when the piece never went back up I knew there was more than a "glitch."

I was right.

The piece was purposefully removed from view -- purged, censored as unfit for publication at Frontpage.


Managing editor Jamie Glazov replied: "Removing the review was an editorial decision. ... We will be posting another review soon."

Glazov also wrote: "... As I wrote to you, we have commissioned another review. If you are not happy with it and wish to reply we will of course open our pages so that you can respond. ..."

Must be a lulu.

There is nothing unusual about a publication running more than one review of a book, particularly one as controversial as American Betrayal. It is unheard of to remove an "offending" review and substitute another in its place -- as if the first review never happened.

I will close for now with Frontpage's own motto: "Inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out."

Takes one to know one.

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