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Jun 25

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 12:24 PM 

The local news from around the USA  tells us that the US federal government is not only enabling the mass invasion at our own border, it is doing nothing to repel it. It is, in fact, doing everything it can to make it permanent.

I include a random news round-up below, but first, behold the "holiday card" above. I found it on the homepage of the Administration of Children & Families.This is a division of the Department of HHS, which is a department of the United States Government, which, last time I looked, was supposed to have something to do with of the people, by the people, and for the people -- " the people" being the American people. The people who run these bureacracies, however, have completely different other ideas, as the picture worth a thousand words reveals.

The caption beneath this illustration says:

By law, it’s ORR's responsibility to temporarily take care of unaccompanied children, protect them, and to help them find their family members.

ORR is the the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a chamber of horrors that the excellent Ann Corcoran has long been educating us about at Refugee Resettlement Watch

The caption includes a link to "find out about UAC (Unaccompanied Minors) services." So I clicked.

Bottom line: the UAC services of the ORR of the ACH of the HHS of the USG ... (breathe) ... is to assist these minor aliens (who are indeed accompanied and enabled by human smugglers) after they cross our border "in becoming integrated members of our global society."

As far as these globalists on the US-taxpayer payroll are concerned, it's Hello, global society, Good-bye, American society. This nightmare of a movement is a long time coming, but it's clear we're closing in on the endgame when the southern border is eradicated and not a single American official, not a senator, not a governor -- and certainly not a president who is doing everything in his power to make sure it continues to disappear -- does anything about it.

"Refugee Resettlement" isn't new, of course (as Ann Corcoran has been chronicling and warning us about). But we do seem to be witnessing a newly blatant phase in which the federal government is taking concrete measures to replace or displace or forever make strangers out of its own citizens with primitive alien blocs that will never be "assimilated," but rather will forever change the towns and localities they are being foisted on. It is a crime without a name -- call it nation-cide.

When reading the stories below, please don't be fooled by the adverb "temporarily." What we're looking at is Washington's effort to set up a network of Central American detention centers/orphanages/schools/? across the country that are likely to be as "temporary" as the Arab-Palestinian "refugee camps" created more than 60 years ago.

This must be reversed. They have to be deported, all of them.

The front line of this war goes through every town council and planning comission across America, as we have already seen in Lawrenceville, VA, also Escondido, CA (below) and elsewhere.

Hold the line. 


From the Chronicle & Democrat:

A former Walmart store on Lake Road in the town of Sweden is among the sites being considered as a facility to temporarily house children in the country illegally.

According to Rep. Chris Collins’ office, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and General Services Administration will be conducting an initial assessment of the store at 4828 Lake Road “to determine whether it may be used as a facility for temporarily housing children who have come into the United States from other countries without an adult guardian.”

Another site to be assessed is a former convent in Clifton Park, Saratoga County, according to Collins’ office.

Warehouse space on Lexington Avenue in Greece was determined this week to be unsuitable by HHS, according to Rep. Louise Slaughter’s office.

Another site in a business park in Bethpage, Nassau County, is still being assessed, Collins’ office said.

In a statement, Collins said, “It is unacceptable the federal government is trying to force the hardworking taxpayers of New York to foot the bill to house undocumented immigrants.”

From the AP via The Oregonian:

TACOMA, Wash. — Joint Base Lewis-McChord is one of the military installations that could be selected to temporarily house children from Central America who are detained at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Negotiations are underway between the Defense Department and the Department of Health and Human Services, said a spokeswoman for U.S. Rep. Denny Heck of Olympia, whose district includes the base.

"He believes it's a humanitarian crisis first and foremost," Communications Director Kati Rutherford said Tuesday. "He's been made aware they're considering it, just for a transition to get the children to legal guardians or relatives."

A decision on using the base could be made this week, Rutherford said. There's no word yet on how many children could be moved and when it might take place.

Heck has been assured it wouldn't impact the service mission of Lewis-McChord, Rutherford said. No service members would be involved. A private contractor would make the arrangements.

Michelle Malkin has more on the dumping of illegal aliens on military bases here.

KPBS in Escondido:

Escondido may soon shelter some of the unaccompanied immigrant minors who have been arriving in recent months at the U.S.-Mexico border in record numbers.

On Tuesday, the Escondido Planning Commission will consider a proposal to turn a building that used to be a continuing care center into a temporary shelter for the minors. The shelter would house 96 beds.

The building, previously owned by Palomar Health, would be leased by Southwest Key, an organization that contracts with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to house and care for immigrant youngsters.

If you visit the Southwest Key website (link above), you will see that the chairman of the board is Victor Garza, a ranking member of La Raza.

I.e., "fundamentally transform" the USA and make money, too. Bonus: it's US taxpayer, money!

This is a nightmare.

U.S. authorities are dealing with an unprecedented surge in immigrant children arriving alone at the southwest border. Border agents apprehended 52,193 unaccompanied children (age 17 and under) at the border between October 1, 2013 and June 15, 2014, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection figures.

That’s a 99 percent increase over the same period last year. Most of the children are from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico.

The "children," of course, boast a high percentage of male teenagers from these same countries -- three of out four of which, by the way, include cities that are listed in the top ten murder cities of the world.

Earlier this month, President Barack Obama announced three new, large temporary shelters to house the children until they can be reunited with family members while awaiting hearings in immigration court. But the federal government has been quietly working to establish smaller shelters, like the one proposed for Escondido, at sites around the country.

Jay Petrek, assistant planning director for the city of Escondido, said the Department of Health and Human Services contacted the city about opening a shelter in April.

Petrek said HHS first proposed to locate the shelter in an abandoned hotel in a commercial zone. It then set its sights on the 2.31-acre Palomar facility.

About 90 employees would care for the children. A child typically would stay in such a shelter for 10 to 60 days, according to the proposal. The children would not be allowed to recreate outside, though the facility does have several indoor recreation areas.

Most services, including education provided by the San Diego County Office of Education, would be delivered on-site. However, “off-site services may include religious services, medical or dental appointments, and educational or recreational field trips,” according to the proposal.

A 6-foot-tall fence would be built to provide security and “keep residents from wandering off the site.” The proposal requires a temporary-use permit from the city of Escondido and faces some political opposition.

Petrek said he had received about 15 emails and letters from Escondido residents opposed to the new shelter, and none in favor. Concerns included increased security risks, the possible spread of airborne illnesses, and potential future overcrowding at the shelter. ... [See zoning board documents here.]


The operating budget for the proposed Escondido shelter would be $6 million to $7 million. Petrek said the shelter likely would employee local residents. He said if approved, the city would also encourage Southwest Key to buy supplies for the shelter from local providers.

The Escondido Planning Commission meets at 7 p.m. to take up the proposal. If it’s approved, opponents have 10 days to appeal the commission’s decision.

FLASH: Good news, the Escondido Planning Commission rejected the proposal!

"It will now go to the full Escondido City Council who will have the final say."

KVOA Tucson:

La Raza/Southwest Key again.

TUCSON - Finishing touches are going in on the new Southwest Key facility north of Downtown Tucson. It's preparing for an influx of migrant children from the border by advertising job openings.

Landscapers and round-the clock security has been the most visible presence here at the old College Place building on Oracle. But soon the facility could be getting even busier.

Southwest Key currently has 272 job openings in Tucson. The organization is looking to fill numerous positions including cooks, clinicians, care providers, and more.

According to job descriptions posted online, requirements for many postions require that employees are bilingual and have previous childcare or case management experience.

A neighbor of the shelter, who asked not to be identified, has a birds-eye view of the facility from her apartment in the Tucson House.

"I could tell that something was up there was all this movement going on, activity that was really unusual," she said.

She and another neighbor both tell News 4 Tucson they have already seen children here. "And they were all lined up over here along this wall, and there must have been about 20 to 25 young people."

There are 196 dorm style units in the building. Southwest Key plans to use 140 of them, placing two children in each. Meaning 280 migrants could be expected to stay here at any given time.

Southwest Key reports an annual budget of more than 150 million a year to run its 17 facilities. Most of that money comes from federal government contracts, and that's not sitting well with some area residents, like Eddie Badilla.

We are paying for our own replacement.

"This is our taxpayer dollars, which is getting me a little upset. we need to help our people first in Arizona," said Badilla. "It's like a resort, for them, it's a resort, they're getting everything free, and it's not right."

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