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May 8

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, May 08, 2008 1:46 PM 

About that drug bust at San Diego State University this week.

Seventy-five college students--including two seniors about to graduate with degrees, respectively, in criminal justice and homeland security--were arrested during a sting operation targeting illegal drugs at San Diego State University. While the arrests highlight a serious drug problem on campus--a student drug overdose last year prompted the investigation and another such death occurred during the investigation--what they also reveal are some all too good examples of post-adult behavior.

Here is what one professor had to say about the fact that university president Stephen Weber--an adult!--cooperated with federal authorities to shut down illegal drug trafficking by students:

Carole Kennedy, a political science professor and head of SDSU's faculty union, said she was dismayed by the level of drug activity on campus. But Kennedy said she also was disturbed that the university's president “unilaterally allowed” undercover federal agents to gather intelligence from student organizations.

It sets a bad precedent, Kennedy said.

“Now it's drugs,” she said. “Maybe next time it's about political dissent. . . . What happens when you have students talking about federal income tax policy, saying they're not going to pay their taxes? Are they going to bring in IRS agents?”

Sllppery slope crack-up.

Now, here's how one parent responded: She attended a student protest of the arrests!

Gretchen Bergman, director of San Diego-based A New PATH said, "SDSU's cooperation with the DEA will make students fearful of calling for help during drug overdose emergencies."

Funny. I think SDSU's cooperation with the DEA will make  fearful of getting caught using illegal drugs. She continued:

"The best way to protect our children and prevent drug overdoses is to enact a life-saving Good Samaritan Policy" [which is basically a free pass to use drugs on campus without consequences]. Mrs Bergman is the mother of a graduating SDSU student who is in long-term recovery from heroin addiction.

Please read Chapter 4, "Parents Who Need Parents." in The Death of Grown-Up.










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