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Mar 26

Written by: Diana West
Thursday, March 26, 2015 3:51 AM 

(Video thanks to Tundra Tabloids.)

Testifying before the United State House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee this week, former Speaker Newt Gingrich spoke again of American Betrayal.    

This whole idiocy that you can't talk honestly about the nature of the people who are trying to kill you strikes me as utterly irrational. And, by the way, we had exactly the same experience in the Forties and early Fifties with the Soviets -- and you can read Diana West's American Betrayal -- and it is breathtaking how hard we worked to hide from the degree of Soviet penetration because it shook our whole system. Well, you're in the same business again.

How wonderful to behold American Betrayal weaponized, as it were, in the astute, able and experienced hands of Newt Gingrich, as the teaching lesson I have always hoped it would become for Americans, particularly lawmakers, whose education, just like my own, completely omitted the Red Bear in the room -- inside the federal government and other institutions -- and the ensuing decades of official cover-up despite the best efforts of elected officials such as Rep. Martin Dies (D-TX), Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) and others to expose how deeply we were compromised,  "occupied" by a hostile and revolutionary power. 

Continuously, we study and read and write what Stan Evans called the "court history" of the halcyon "Big Three" alliance (FDR, Churchill & Stalin), of "the Good War" that *somehow* or other led to an "outbreak" of the US-USSR "Cold War." Sure, there were a few "atomic spies" mixed in, but that was really just a "Red Scare," masterfully dealt with by Truman, Ike and the rest.

As I came to learn while researching the book that became American Betrayal, there is rather more to the story (and rather less to the Burnished Ones above).

This includes the long-obscured history of the endless, uninterupted intelligence war waged against the US (and Britain and others) by the Soviet Union, which organized and deployed at least hundreds (confirmed) of American proxies, American traitors, covertly to enter and remain inside the federal government and related institutions. They were there to steal secrets and, more important, they were there to influence policy. Thus, Stalin's Secret Agents -- the title of Stan Evans and Herbert Romerstein must-read 2012 book also on the same subject -- were able to undermine our nation, our Constitution, and also much of the world from inside our our own policy shops, even from inside our own war councils.

At a certain point, thickly sprouted dots connect themselves. Meanwhile, it is a deeply subverted and self-deceived nation that looks back sees "victory" in the war against Communism from a now-borderless land where college campuses are outposts of Marx, where citizens buckle under the lowering yoke of government-controlled medicine (etc., etc. ...). It even hopes to repeat this same "victory" in this latest cycle of expansionist Islam.   

Reality knocks. As Speaker Gingrich notes, it is indeed "breathtaking" to realize how hard officialdom -- presidents of both parties on down -- worked to hide from the reality of a long-term, brilliantly successful campaign of Soviet penetration and subversion -- what is, in American Betrayal's subtitle, The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character -- our nation's essence, identity, institutions, including the Constitution, our republican virtues and traditional values. This effort to suppress or ignore or never reckon with the implications of this Communist assault has always required the destruction of those I call the truth-tellers along the way. It time to dust them off, learn from their experiences, and expose all that has long been withheld from Us, the People.

To borrow from Gingrich, this will indeed shake the whole system. It's time.



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