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Aug 31

Written by: Diana West
Wednesday, August 31, 2016 6:51 AM 

Ever wonder how the zealous-half lives?

Peter Sutherland, UN Special Representative for Migration, is one among the zealots. After sleuthing around, I'm fairly certain his "holiday home" is that thing (above), located along a breathtaking stretch of European seacost.

Cold, grandiose, disturbing; It looks like a cartoonist's vision of a Global Super-Villain's Hideaway, which, of course, it is. 

As an alumnus of Goldman Sachs, the LSE, a founding director general of the WTO, GATT, a member of the Trilateral Commission, a regular at Bilderburger, etc., etc., Sutherland has built a resume that is such a cliched roster of secretive multi-national elite sinecures that one might almost start thinking he was part of some worldwide conspiracy to destroy the West. 

Only that would be a "conspiracy theory."  

Still, what better place to conspire than in this remote and award-winning mausoleum of his? 

UN official Sutherland is one of the most vocal and vicious proponents for open borders and open-ended Third World migration into Europe and the US.

The EU should do its best to undermine national homogeneity, he says -- the UN-acceptable language for the destruction of indigenous European peoples.

The EU must open its borders to all migrants, including economic migrantshe says.  

At the basic level, individuals must have freedom of choice about where to livehe says

How about Home, Sweet Sutherland? Looks as if he could host 40 or 50 "Syrian" "boys" (median age 29).  

Of course, they would probably do better to hang around, say, Lake Como.

Maybe George and Amal Clooney will open up gorgeous Villa Oleandra




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