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Jun 30

Written by: Diana West
Monday, June 30, 2008 5:40 AM 

One of the driving themes of the Obama campaign is, as one campaign video proclaims, the promise to "chang[e] America's face to the world." As Steven M. Warshawsky has written at The American Thinker, this is "the `change' that Obama supporters yearn for." While packaged as "post-racial," a term that suggests a color-blind meritocracy, such "change" is, in fact, a highly race-conscious ideology about redefining America as a multicultural nation no longer characterized in a leading way by the culture and traditions of its still-majority European-descended population.

And John McCain? Where does he stand on these PC dictates of multiculturalism?

I missed this comprehensive round-up of McCain's consistently multicultural record by Mark Krikorian at NRO the first time around. Reading it now suggests that whoever becomes president in November, multiculturalism wins. 

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