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Dec 6

Written by: Diana West
Monday, December 06, 2021 9:45 AM 

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Get ready for the most important, most damning news "The News" will not report because if they did, not only would Hell freeze over, but these censorship centers still known as "news media" would turn to stone, pillars of salt, stags, laurel trees, columns of fire and other pleasing supernatural spectacles.

So they won't. Silence across "The News" is both their means of existence and their reason for existence; conversely, our chance for salvation, if not necessarily existence, lies in making as much noise, racket, and any kind of publicity about it, including sharing it person to person, friend to friend, relative to relative (if possible), like the new samizdat.  

The BIg Story? Pfizer knew. The FDA knew. Big Pharma and Uncle Sam knew. They were completely, baldfacedly, complicitly aware by February 2021 that the Pfizer C19 injections had already been fatal to 1,223 persons. "Safe and effective"? Sure, like Russian Roulette.

Newly released Pfizer documents show that Pfizer received 42,086 reports enumerating 158,893 "adverse events" in the first 90 days of the global EUA experimental mRNA injection experiment. Besides fatalities, these reports document nearly 26,000 nervous system disorders. Among Pfizer-listed injuries, muscoloskeletal, skin, respiratory, gastrointestinal, blood, cardiac and other grievous injuries very quickly became a part of what Pfizer stone-heartedly describes in its release as the "post-marketing experience."

NB: "post-marketing experience" is Pfizer's euphemism for human suffering and loss resulting from its C19 genetic therapy "jab." 

The significance of this news is indisputable, its sourcing impeccable. It is based on over 91 pages of Pfizer-created documents (just a fraction of Pfizer's licensing application to the FDA), which the FDA has begun releasing to the public under court order, thanks to the FOIA efforts of attorney Aaron Siri and a group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency.

The fact is, Pfizer's guilty knowledge, now documented, was shared with the US government. That means it is Uncle Sam's guilty knowledge, too. This can't repeated often enough: Big Pharma and Uncle Sam knew the shots would kill and maim some of us, but they went ahead and forced them on all of us anyway, yes, knowingly killing and maiming along the way -- now including children.

If this isn't a crime against humanity, I don't know what is. It calls for screaming headlines -- the 72-point-banner-kind -- across the top of front pages everywhere. These front pages should be gripped in clenched fists, shaken in faces, marched into boardrooms, hospitals, schools, Walgreens and other injection sites. They should be burned in massive pyres (along with face masks) outside the DOJ, the Congress, the White House, the CDC, the FDA, NIH, Fauci's house and Mar-a-Lago from now till doomsday.

However, this same vital, horrific information, this critically important evidence of willful harm on the part of our own and other governments is almost nowhere to be gleaned -- unless you know how to fool the censors and where to look, for example, at Natural News, Celia Farber's Substack, Health Impact News,  

Read more herehereherehere and spread the word everywhere you can.

#KillShotGate -- too weak -- #KillShotGenocide is upon us. Dr. Zelenko calls it the worst crime in the history of humanity. And it is a crime;  it is not an accident. Guilty foreknowledge of the potential human harm contained in each and every injection vial has been incontrovertibly and even redundantly documented. Indeed, there is far more documentable evidence of guilty foreknowlege in this case than, as I recall, there was predating Hitler's "final solution."

Consider the slide (above) from October 22, 2020. It is from an internal FDA Product  Advisory Presentation. It lists catastrophic side effects of "the jab" before it was ever rolled out in the biggest psy-op of all time ("safe and effective," "safe and effective"...), inflicted upon populations already brutalized by a new instrument of war known as lockdown. 

Thanks to the power of the (su)press, "nobody" knows any of this. Maddie de Garay and Brianne Dressen and Kellai Rodriguez and Suzanna Newell and others could have enlightened the world a long time ago -- and saved countless lives -- but The Supress still won't tell their stories.  

Thus, there are new tragedies every day, their pain-contorted faces hidden, their voices strangled by media and politicians of both parties -- including President Trump, whose perpetual shilling for Big Pharma is an unspeakable disagrace. The only exceptions I know of national figures speaking out are Sen. Ron Johnson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Watch and share Sen. Johnson's recent panel on vaccine injury here; read and gift Bobby Kennedy's Fauci book here.)

Think about how this unbustable embargo on mass murder the world over must be playing out in the power chambers of the global predators. They must be stratopherically giddy with their 18-carat immunity and their platinum protection rackets. Sure, they were unable to persuade one judge to seal their Pfizer documents for 55 years: but not even the release of Pfizer's own 90-day-death-count puts a tiny dent in their "safe and effective" disinformation campaign. What a trip for the billionaires and their pet politicians along for the ride: They have figured out how to get away with anything and everything.

With no word of truth in the public square, the world's dead, jabbed bodies are effectively disappeared, bulldozed by the powers that be into unmarked mass graves. 

We must return truth to the public square. It may not save us, but, at least, then we will not be complicit.


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