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Mar 9

Written by: Diana West
Monday, March 09, 2009 5:00 AM 

Photo: Who's picture is that, anyway?

Ran into my old Washington Times colleague Tom Kelly over the weekend. Tom, a bona fide newspaperman from way back, is also the father of the late and still lamented Michael Kelly, who tragically made history as the first journalist killed in Iraq. Michael, whom I never knew, was a straight-shooting writer and editor of huge talent who first came to attention with his massive, 1990 GQ expose of the gross life and times of Sen. Ted Kennedy--lionized last week by a British knighthood and last night by a Kennedy Center birthday party. Highlights of the party included a rendition of Happy Birthday, Mr. Senator, or something, led by President Obama. No word on whether Big O was spraypainted into his dress for the occasion....whoops--wrong Kennedy birthday party. In any event, the Washington Post account of the evening came to my doorstep this morning, still drenched in the tears of ecstasy shed in its writing.

The only antidote to such fawning on Sir Ted of Chappaquiddick--which will only continue on into his next life--is to read Michael Kelly's 19-year-old GQ article here.




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